High-boost front-end facilitates a doubling of power density

Andover, Mass. – Vicor Corporation’s new High-Boost Harmonic Attenuation Module (VI-HAM) is a universal AC-input, PFC front-end that’s optimized for the company’s second-generation V375 series of DC/DC converters. A single High-Boost VI-HAM can be used with any combination of V375s (available in quarter-, half-, and full-brick packages) for up to 675 watts. The High-Boost VI-HAM is also compatible with the company’s VI-26x and VI-J6x series DC/DC converters (one V375 module is the equivalent of three VI-26x/J6x modules). Thus the power conversion system (using the V375) has twice the power density with fewer components and lower cost than existing VI-HAM-based solutions, according to the company.