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How to Choose the Best Memory Solutions for Today’s Application Processors


Feb 20, 2020

2:00 pm ET

11:00 am PT

8:00 pm CET

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Today’s embedded systems are enabled with more powerful application processors from industry leaders like NXP Semiconductors, adding new features and capabilities not possible with basic microcontrollers. Many of these systems incorporate connectivity, driving the proliferation of “smart” devices and the growth of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Most application processors utilize managed NAND storage devices such as embedded multi-media card (eMMC) and discrete DRAM options such as DDR3L, LPDDR3, DDR4 and LPDDR4. These industry standard chip-down solutions provide a variety of capacity options at reasonable costs.

The upcoming webinar presents experts from Kingston and NXP to discuss best memory choices to pair with today’s application processors, optimizing your device or solution platform.

During this short webinar, learn how you can:

  • Identify the right processor for your application
  • Optimize your memory and storage designs
  • Choose the optimal capacity/configurations for eMMC, DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3, LPDDR4
  • Boot and Store on the same media by partitioning your eMMC
  • Increase Flash endurance 10x by utilizing pSLC-mode
  • Industrial-temp options, microSD vs eMMC and more…….


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