Wipro-NewLogic Technologies

Wipro-NewLogic is a leading Semiconductor Design Services Provider and supplier of Intellectual Property (IP) cores for complex wireless and wireline applications; these include Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11), Bluetooth, Ultra WideBand (UWB), IEEE1394 (FireWire), Serial ATA (SATA), USB and Ethernet. The portfolio of IP cores also contains Software, silicon proven Wireless LAN multiband Radio module and Mixed-Signal Blocks such as AFEs, Synthesizers, PLLs.

The services span over Digital, Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF based SoC (System-on-chip) Design, including specialized support for IP Customization, SoC and System Integration, ASIC Backend, Reference Design Development, Prototype Testing, Firmware Development, Application Development and Software Porting.

Wipro-NewLogic is the world leader in the sale of IEEE1394, WLAN and Bluetooth IPs.

Our Website: http://www.newlogic.com