Vibren Technologies

Vibren Technologies is an independent subsidiary of NEC. Spun out of NEC Computer Systems Division of Packard Bell NEC, Vibren was established in January 2000 as a professional services company with expertise in advanced engineering and IT networks. Drawing on the strength and experience of its work force and its seventeen-year affiliation with NEC Corporation and its customers, Vibren Technologies provides complete development services including BIOS Development, Microsoft and Linux Embedded Development, Microsoft Driver Development, and Microsoft WHQL Logo Certification and Testing.

Vibren specializes in 8 key vertical markets including casino gaming systems, set-top box solutions, industrial controller, consumer electronics, reference design and storage products.

As a Phoenix Trusted Network Partner, Vibren offers licensing and BIOS customization services for Phoenix BIOS, Award BIOS and FirstBIOS. Our long history of BIOS and firmware development for NEC has given us experience and expertise in the areas of ACPI, power management, Plug and Play, and device enumeration for embedded and portable products. Vibren can write customized firmware for many different platforms including: desktop and mobile computers, servers, embedded systems, web-enabled devices, headless systems and communication devices. Vibren has the skill to take your BIOS project from concept thru board bring-up and all the way to final BIOS delivery.

As a Microsoft Gold-level Windows Embedded Partner (WEP), Vibren embedded engineers boast a lengthy track record of design wins. We help device designers and manufacturers in virtually every phase of product development. Our team are experts in Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Linux Embedded and WindRiver VxWorks. Vibren possesses some of the industry’s broadest and deepest expertise in processor, chip set and supporting silicon. Because of our experience, we are able to contribute immediately to designs that include Intel, Hitachi, MIPS and ARM. Our e

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