Triscend is the pioneer and leader in field configurable system-on-chip (CSoC) platforms and customizable microcontrollers. Its silicon technology and software development tools provide design engineers with an easy, low-risk path to create highly customized solutions for embedded applications and develop cost-effective derivatives to address changing market demands. Triscend’s single-chip platform, featuring its powerful FastChip® CSoC Studio™ development software, delivers a ready-to-customize SoC with the flexibility of a field-programmable device and the price point of a standard product—and no non-recurring engineering costs.

By combining an industry-standard processor, programmable logic, memory, and advanced bus architecture on a single chip, Triscend’s platform allows designers to rapidly create innovative designs for applications such as Electronic Motor Drive, Industrial Control, Point-of-Sales, and Security.

Triscend’s platform solutions include the 32-bit A7™ CSoC Family, 8-bit E5™ Customizable Microcontroller, FastChip® CSoC Studio™ Development System, and Software Development Kit. In addition, Triscend provides development kits for the A7V, A7S, E5 and a graphic LCD solution.

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