Tempo Automation

Tempo is a software-accelerated electronics manufacturer leveraged by leading companies in the world to accelerate product innovation. Tempo has built an automated manufacturing platform that learns from every order, every build, and every step.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Our Website: https://www.tempoautomation.com/

Company Type: Manufacturer
Industry Aerospace/Avionics, Electronic Instrumentation or Test, Energy, Industrial/Robotics/Motor Control, Medical Devices & Systems, Military/Defense, Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing
Application & Technologies:
A-D/D-A Converters, Amplifiers/Op-Amps, Analog ICs, Boards/Buses, CES, Connectors/Sockets, Design for Manufacturing, Design for Test, Design Management, Design Methodologies, Design Reuse and IP, Design Services, Design Standards, Design Techniques, Design Tools (EDA), DIY, Drivers, Electromechanical, Electronica, EMI Suppression/Insulation/Coatings, Enclosures, Hardware/Software Co-verification, IC Design Tools, ICs, Logic Emulation, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Models/Libraries, Motors, Oscillators, PC Board, PC Board Design, Phase Lock Loops, Place and Route, Programmable Logic Tools, Semiconductors, Signal Integrity/Interference, Simulation, Switches & Relays, Synthesis, System Design Tools, Thermal Management, Transceivers, Up-Converter/Down Converter, Verification, Wiring/Harnesses