Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation

Safety, Guarding, Sensing, Signaling

For over 55 years, Tapeswitch Corporation has manufactured pressure sensitive switches/switch products for a diverse set of applications for machine/equipment safety/shutdown/guarding, contact detection, and signaling applications. Tapeswitch Corporation has a unique custom manufacturing advantage.  

ISO 9001:2008
Certified Company 

Corporation Products Include: 

Machine Safety-Rated Devices/Guarding/Presence Sensing/Contact Detection


·  Safety
Switches (N/O) · Safety
Mats · Safety
Edges · Safety
Bumpers · Safety
Light Curtains ·        
Laser Scanners · Programmable safety control units – multiple safety
devices/machinery locations, Programmable logic controls of those safety devices · Safety
relays  · Custom
multi-zone control units · Custom manufacturing – switch products  · Non-contact
safety switches (monitoring gates, doors, and enclosures) · Trapped
key interlocks (power isolation/access- lock-out doors, gates, hatches, control panels, machinery type, power types)


Switches  (N/O): 

· Ribbon
switches · Touch
pads · Detector
cells · Foot/hand
switches · Small
area switches 

www.tapeswitch.com 1-800-234-8273 

Headquarters: Farmingdale, NY 11735 Other Locations
Phone: 1-800-234-8273
Our Website: http://www.tapeswitch.com

Industry Aerospace/Defense/Government, Automotive/Transportation, Commercial/Retail, Communications and Networking Systems or Equipment, Consumer Electronics & Appliances, Electronic Instrumentation or Test, Energy, Industrial/Robotics/Motor Control, Medical Devices & Systems, Other, Security
Application & Technologies:
Components, Manufacturing