StarGen is the innovation leader in advanced serial switched interconnects, providing off-the-shelf, high performance, scalable solutions today—StarFabric; as well as leading the architectural development of the next generation industry-wide standards—PCI Express and Advanced Switching.

StarGen is focused on solving interconnect bottlenecks across the storage, server, communications and embedded marketplaces by providing high-value semiconductor solutions based on industry standards.

StarGen’s StarFabric switched interconnect product line is providing production solutions today in medical imaging, video serving, semiconductor test, communication routers and switches, military command and control, and storage equipment. StarFabric is ideally suited forembedded systems needing enhanced switched PCI capability, as well as communication access platforms for voice, data and video networks.

StarGen is leveraging its switched interconnect expertise to help drive development of the PCI Express and Advanced Switching industry standards. Similar in features to StarFabric, PCI Express and Advanced Switching provide a roadmap to higherperformancespecifically targeting next generation communication, storage and server architectures. StarGen is currently developing its StarXpress product line based on these standards.

StarGen’s products enable an evolutionary path to the benefits of serial switched interconnects. They provide a dramatic increase in equipment performance, reliability, and Quality of Service, while maintaining backward compatibility and enabling reuse of existing hardware and software investment.

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