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Si102x/3x Low Power Wireless MCUs

Product Description:

MCUs extend battery life in wireless embedded systems by 65%

Silicon Labs’ Si102x/Si103x wireless MCU family pairs the ultra-low-power C8051F96x MCU core with the Si443x EZRadioPRO® transceiver into a single-chip solution. The wireless MCUs reduce overall system power and are ideal for a wide range of power-sensitive embedded applications such as smart metering, in-home utility monitoring, wireless security, home and building automation, portable medical and asset tracking products.

Superior energy transfer efficiency
-  Reduces system level power consumption and extends battery life
-  On-chip, power saving dc-dc buck converter (250 mW output; lowers component count and BOM)

Reduced time in active mode
-  On-chip DPPE with hardware acceleration blocks
-  Industry-leading RF performance (high receive sensitivity, low power consumption: 18.5 mA receive, 18 mA @ +1 dBm transmit, 30 mA @ +13 dBm transmit and 85 mA @ +20 dBm transmit, high data rates, antenna diversity and frequency hopping capability)
-  Pulse counter peripheral accumulates sensor information eliminating unnecessary wake-ups

Reduced power in sleep mode
-  Enables 20-year battery life
-  Ultra-low 10 nA sleep current mode at minimum voltage
-  400 nA sleep current with the RTC running and 70 nA sleep current (without the RTC) at 3 V
-  2 µs wake-up from any sleep mode


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