Hapro Inc.

Over 50 years ago Karl Hartmann founded Hameg GmbH in his little shop in Frankfurt Germany. His first single channel oscilloscope which he designed, built and sold himself, was the beginnings of what is now world known as Hameg Instruments GmbH. Within the next year’s Hameg quickly became known for its innovative oscilloscope types. The European Market became familiar with Hameg Instruments especially for its outstanding performance to price ratio. Today Hameg Instruments GmbH is world renowned. Karl Hartman brought his knowledge to the United States and began importing his products. Hapro Inc. located in New York is the sole Importer of Hameg Equipment throughout the Americas and Canada. With many distributors supporting and selling our test and measurement equipment it continues to prosper as we strive to keep the performance to price ratio.

Our Website: http://www.haproelectronics.com/