FuturePlus Systems

Systems www.futureplus.com is a test and measurements company, that
recently introduced a paradigm shifting product called the DDR
Detective® www.ddrdetective.com. This product can sit undetected on the DDR memory bus and uses a large numbers of counters to count events on
the bus

and the time between events to give never before seen insight to
engineers who work on servers and memory subsystems.    Recently FuturePlus® demonstrated the elusive Row Hammer failure mechanism in DDR3 memory a
problem all Data Center operators should be aware of.  FuturePlus® is also an expert in DisplayPort and has the only product on the market that can simultaneously monitor and report the high speed main link and the Aux port.

Headquarters: Bedford, NH Other Locations
Phone: 1 603 472 5905
Our Website: http://www.futureplus.com

Industry Academia, Aerospace/Defense/Government, Automotive/Transportation, Communications and Networking Systems or Equipment, Computers and Peripherals, Consumer Electronics & Appliances, Electronic Instrumentation or Test, Industrial/Robotics/Motor Control, Medical Devices & Systems, Security, Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing
Application & Technologies:
Advanced Technology, Boards/Buses, Design Management, Design Tools (EDA), Industry World, Semiconductors, Software/Hardware Development, Test & Measurement

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