DSP Group

DSP Group, Inc. is a global leader in wireless communications and voice processing chipsets and algorithms for a wide range of smart-enabled devices. The company was founded in 1987 on the principles of experience, insight, and continuous advancement. We seek to consistently deliver next-generation solutions in the areas of voice, audio, video, and data connectivity. Building upon our core competencies in the area of voice processing, DSP Group invests heavily in innovation for the smart future. The result is leading-edge semiconductor and product development technology that allows our customers to develop products that enhance the end-user experience. From AI-enabled TWS headsets to the voice-enabled smart home. From IoT, security, mobile handsets, tablets, and laptops, all the way to full enterprise-level unified communications (UC) across cloud-based voice services, DSP Group applies its core engineering and technical support capabilities to help its customers meet the demands of an ever-expanding universe of voice-enabled, connected, smart devices.

Headquarters: 2055 Gateway Place #480, San Jose, CA 95110

Our Website: https://www.dspg.com/

Company Type: Manufacturer
Industry Audio, Automotive/Transportation, Biometrics, Computers and Peripherals, Consumer Electronics & Appliances
Application & Technologies:
Codec, Compilers & Linkers, Digital, DSP, ICs, IOT, Manufacturing, Microcontroller, SoC

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