Cybord AI platform aggregates and analyzes images and data from 100% of the components, at various production stages. It combines existing production data and unique new visual data collection and ensures product quality, authenticity, and traceability, to achieve end-to-end visibility on the product assembly life cycle. By combining existing production data and unique new visual analytics for OEMs, Cybord achieves end-to-end visibility on the product assembly life cycle, ensuring product quality, authenticity, and traceability.

The Cybord platform provides OEMs with a better and more comprehensive view on your production lines. It ensures the assembled electronic components’ quality and brings to a higher traceability level.

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Company Type: Services
Industry Aerospace/Avionics, Electronic Instrumentation or Test, Infotainment, Medical Devices & Systems, Military/Defense, Mission Critical, Other, Politics/Legislation
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A-D/D-A Converters, Amplifiers/Op-Amps, Analog ICs, ASIC, Associations, Audio, Big Data, Biotech, Boards/Buses, CES, Circuit Protection, Codec, Components, Digital, Diodes, Discrete, Distribution, Drivers, DSP, Electronica, Events, FPGA/PLD/CPLD, Graphics, ICs, International Trade, LEDs, Logic/Interface, Memory/Storage, MEMS, Microcontroller, Microprocessor, Nanotech, Networking, Oscillators, Outsourcing, Passive, PC Board, Phase Lock Loops, Power Protection/Surge Suppression, Power Supplies/Converters, Procurement, Regulators, Rotating, Semiconductors, Solid State, Solid-State Relays, Standards, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management Tools, Transceivers, Transistors, Up-Converter/Down Converter, Verification, Video Processor, Voltage Converters, Voltage References

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