Coilcraft Inc.

Headquartered outside of Chicago in Cary, Illinois,
Coilcraft is a leading global supplier of magnetic components including high
performance RF chip inductors, power magnetics and filters. In addition to a
large selection of standard components, Coilcraft also designs and builds
custom magnetics to fit a customer’s exact electrical requirements. Many are standard, off-the-shelf products. But we also provide custom components designed to meet customers’ specific requirements. Our basic product lines include:

Power Magnetics
RF Magnetics
High Temp / AEC-Q200 Qualified Products
EMI / RFI / LC Filter Products
Broadband Magnetics
Products & Services

Engineers and buyers consider Coilcraft a preferred supplier
because of its reputation for quality, reliable delivery, engineering support
and the superior performance of our products. In independent surveys, engineers
in the United States consistently rank Coilcraft the number one magnetics
company they would recommend to a friend.

Headquarters: Cary, Illinois
Phone: 847-639-6400
Our Website: