Achronix Semiconductor

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless
semiconductor corporation based in Santa Clara, California, offering
high-performance FPGA solutions. Achronix is the only supplier to have both
FPGA and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) solutions in
high-volume production. Achronix’s FPGA and eFPGA IP offering is
further enhanced by FPGA chiplets and accelerator cards targeting AI, ML,
networking and data center applications, plus best-in-class EDA
software supporting all Achronix products.

Product Offerings:

-Speedster7t FPGAs – Built on TSMC’s 7nm
FinFET process, Speedster7t FPGAs feature a revolutionary new 2D
network-on-chip (NoC), an array of new machine learning processors (MLPs)
optimized for high-bandwidth and artificial intelligence/machine learning
(AI/ML) workloads, high-bandwidth GDDR6 interfaces, 400G Ethernet and PCI
Express Gen5 ports — all interconnected to deliver ASIC-level performance while
retaining the full programmability of FPGAs.

·VectorPath Accelerator Card – The VectorPath™
S7t-VG6 accelerator card is designed to reduce time to market when developing
high-performance compute and acceleration functions for artificial intelligence
(AI), machine learning (ML), networking and data center applications. The card
features Achronix’s high-performance Speedster7t AC7t1500 FPGA fabricated on
TSMC’s 7nm FinFET technology.

·Speedcore Embedded FPGAs – The industry’s only
silicon-proven, high-density, high-performance eFPGAs.

·Speedchip FPGA chiplets – FPGA chiplets
optimized for embedding in advanced system-in-package (SiP) solutions such as
2.5D via silicon interposer or organic substrate.”

Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA

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