AI is crossing ever part of compute and expanding. This series is designed to help you understand how to guide a customer to the right fit for their needs.  Building on an understanding of AI on IA and then branching into what is available from key Intel ISA partners, the sessions in this series will highlight the latest info and give you steps to help your customer get from development to deployment with optimized time to market and total cost of ownership.

Series Line-up:

  • Understanding How and Where AI Can Help Solve Your Customer’s IoT Needs
  • From Development to Deployment – Leveraging ADLINK Products or AI, Vision, and Edge Compute
  • What’s new at Kontron?
  • AAEON: Intel Vision Acceleration Modules for AI Inferencing
  • congatec – Reducing Costs and Development Time for OEMs
  • 2020 AI solution from IEI technology