This video provides a technical overview of the TMS320DM335 processor. The DM335 digital media processor is a low-cost, low-power processor providing advanced graphical user interface for display applications that do not require video compression and decompression. Coupled with a video processing subsystem that provides 720p display, the DM335 processor is powered by a 135/216/270 MHz ARM9 core so developers can create feature rich graphical user interfaces allowing customers to interact with their portable, electronic devices such as video-enabled universal remote controls, Internet radio, e-books, video doorbells and digital telescopes. The DM335 is packed with the same peripherals as its predecessor, the TMS320DM355 device, including high speed USB 2.0 on-the-go, external memory interface (EMIF), mobile DDR/DDR2, two SDIO ports, three UART Ports, two Audio Serial Ports, three SPI Ports, and SLC/MCL NAND Flash memory support.