Storage capacity demands – driven by the rapid growth and increasing usage of data intensive applications like IP video, Internet video,  and mobile traffic – challenges today’s Design Engineer to employ cable solutions that deliver both higher data rate transfers and increased I/O density.  FCI’s storage IO portfolio offering  featuring the mini-SAS HD product family addresses signal requirements for not only existing SAS 2.0 and 2.1 standards but it also address the signal transmission requirements of the soon to be released SAS 3.0  industry standard protocol. This IO family can be utilized for interconnection in not only Storage applications but also in Server, Telecom and Enterprise applications.

FCI’s well-earned reputation as a supplier for systems that feature high-speed interconnect design and signal integrity is the expertise behind the mini-SAS HD  I/O system and features a comprehensive cabling solution……  whether those cable lengths require copper or optical based cable assemblies and whether their application is based on an industry standards or on a customized cable assembly.

Jim David, Global Director for High Speed IO, FCI Electronics
Jim David is the Global Director for High Speed IO products for FCI Electronics. He is in his 32nd year of working for FCI Electronics / Berg Electronics / DuPont Electronics. He has held positions in product & process engineering, field application engineering, field sales, engineering management, and business and product marketing management during his career with FCI / Berg / DuPont. He has a BSME from University of Massachusetts-Lowell and an MBA from The Penn State University.