Consumers continue to find user interfaces on TV products, including set-top box and IPTV, to fall short of expectations in a technology rich world where products have exciting and dynamic UIs.  

Learn how to produce impressive UIs by utilizing powerful UI implementation tools and graphics accelerators that are capable of powering high-end 2D and 3D UIs with advanced lighting, reflections and other Open GL/ES 2.0 effects. Product managers and developers can utilize these powerful technologies to produce stunning UIs and differentiated TV products without a large investment.

What you will learn:
•    How to deliver smarter, richer and more dynamic UIs in TV, IPTV and set-top boxes
•    How the latest graphics processing units provide the horse power for these UIs
•    The development challenges and solutions in creating stunning 2D and 3D UIs across many markets or customers, without having to invest in large development teams