System Builder Basics will guide the user through the basics of getting System Builder installed and running on their Linux development host. We will introduce fundamental concepts necessary to master System Builder, boot a reference board from images produced from a default System Builder installation, and cover basic system configuration and customization. We will also introduce the Application Developer Kit, as produced by System Builder.

What You Will Learn

  • System Builder concepts: build engine and metadata
  • Metadata details: the different types and how they are used
  • Basics of a recipe (metadata build instructions for a single package)
  • How to build root file systems, kernel and bootloader images using System Builder
  • How to customize your platform using System Builder

Who Should View

  • Embedded Linux developers, especially those responsible for platform development including kernel, bootloader and root file system contents
  • Engineering Managers and others interested in reducing risk and decreasing time to market with their embedded Linux development projects

About the Presenter

Chris Hallinan Christopher Hallinan joined Mentor Graphics in spring of 2010 as Technical Marketing Engineer. Prior to Mentor Graphics, he spent nearly seven years as Field Applications Engineer with MontaVista Software and 20+ years of product development, management and marketing roles in high tech companies. Christopher is the author of “Embedded Linux Primer,” one of the more popular books covering embedded Linux development.