Learn how to overcome design challenges and how to select the right products and solutions for your next low-voltage motor control designs, including battery-operated ones. The STSPIN220, STSPIN230, and STSPIN240 ICs are optimized to deliver low noise, minimal power consumption and standby mode of operation along with extreme position accuracy and motion smoothness with up to 256 micro-steps.

You will discover:

  • how to quickly develop a prototype
  • how to overcome design challenges when running motors from a battery or low-voltage input
  • how to design motor control solutions with minimal space/height requirements
  • ideas on how to test and improve various system-level characteristics
  • about available evaluation boards and supporting software

In addition, we will review the benefits of using STSPIN integrated motor driver ICs, provide design tips for optimizing STSPIN solutions, and show the tools available from ST for getting started on your next design.


Jiri Keprda

Jiri has been working for STMicroelectronics since 2003. He has extensive experience as an IC designer for power management and in the last few years has worked in technical product marketing for power conversion and motor control.