Low-power ICs are becoming increasing complex, often surpassing Moore’s Law in order to maintain expanding functionality and performance needs. To stay within the power budget, these designs leverage ultra-low sub-1V supply voltage levels. And to meet performance goals at sub-1V supply voltage levels, large ultra-low-power designs are often using on-chip voltage regulators (LDO). In addition, to achieve higher integration goals, designers are turning to stacked-die or 3D-IC structures.

Apache’s recently introduced RedHawk-3DX is the fourth-generation RedHawk platform that helps addresses these issues. With its hierarchical dynamic simulation capabilities, new logic and activity propagation engines, the ability to model and simulate LDOs, direct support for multi-die simulation, and a brand new multi-pane, multi-canvas GUI, RedHawk-3DX will enable the next-generation of 3GHz+ ICs designed using billions of gates in complex 3D/2.5D architectures.