Engineers designing high-speed serial systems, such as 5.0Gbps PCI Express 2.0, are faced with signal integrity challenges made worse by high data rates and lossy channels. As protocols continue to ramp up the speed curve to 5.0Gbps and beyond, signal degradation due to high frequency loss through cables and backplanes becomes a major issue. At these high transmission rates, signal integrity issues become increasingly restrictive on the distance that can be driven over for PCB trace and cabling. This in turn places a restriction on the design itself and features that can be implemented.

Poor signal quality can significantly impact system performance and reliability which as a result can severely degrade the end user experience. Pericom’s ReDriver™ signal conditioners enhance and improve the signal quality of high-speed serial interfaces. By adjusting and correcting for signal level attenuation and noise (jitter) using equalization, and pre-emphasis/de-emphasis techniques, the ReDriver increases eye-pattern margins and guarantees protocol compliance for high-speed signal protocols like PCI Express, SATA, SAS, and other popular standards.

In addition to the PCI Express ReDriver™ signal conditioner products, Pericom solutions also include protocol specific signal integrity devices for SATA/SAS, DisplayPort, HDMI/DVI, and USB3.0. Popular applications of ReDrivers™ are extending server/backplanes (PCI Express), external eSATA hard disk drives, digital television/display (DisplayPort/HDMI/DVI) or any application where significant signal attenuation is present.

Pericom offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of connectivity, timing and signal integrity solutions with industry-leading packages for both IC and Quartz Crystal devices across a wide range of high-speed protocols such as PCI Express (1.0 and 2.0), SATA, SAS, XAUI, USB, HDMI/DVI, and DisplayPort, to name a few.

Presented by Ken Curt, Product Manager at Pericom Semiconductor