An outdoor air quality sensor is a device used to measure the air quality outside of buildings, as it relates to the overall health and wellness of individuals who make contact with outdoor gases. Renesas offers a line of sensors that detect specific gases that contribute to unhealthy air quality. The ZMOD4510 detects ozone (O3) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) contributing to outdoor air pollution. By measuring these gases and using a rating scale to define levels of air quality, these sensors provide vital information that help systems efficiently manage smart air handling systems in buildings, factories, and the home.


Dave Simpson, Director of Marketing, Industrial Sensors

Dave Simpson is focused on the growth in sensors and systems that provide unique opportunities for new products and customer solutions. Over the past several years, Dave has worked closely with consumer and industrial applications targeting MEMS based sensors. His previous roles have included VP of Sales and Marketing for Harris Semiconductor, as well as Co-Founder of a $5.5M funded start-up. Dave’s industry experience includes semiconductor, software and manufacturing.