This FREE Web seminar will provide a detailed technical overview of the key features of the inFact intelligent testbench automation solution.

Today, most designers struggle with – “What have I tested? What needs to be tested? When will I achieve functional coverage?” One common challenge is establishing effective coverage metrics to measure what has been tested and what remains. Teams are often unprepared for the inevitable verification stall when progress towards achieving their coverage goals slows to a halt.

Mentor Graphics has proven methodology to accelerate functional coverage closure and free up resources to focus on more ambitious verification plans and higher levels of functional coverage. The inFact testbench automation solution intelligently generates verification stimulus according to the user’s set verification goals prior to simulation and determines verification priorities.

With coverage metrics in place, inFact can improve testbench productivity and effectiveness by 10x to 100x.

What You Will Learn:

  • What graph-based verification is and how to generate high quality tests while accelerating coverage closure
  • The benefits of eliminating redundant test sequences to improve testbench effectiveness
  • How intelligent testbench components fit into your overall verification architecture
  • What standards exist to help you get started with verification