Intel has introduced the new Intel® Enpirion® digital multi-phase controller and monolithic 70 A power stage that is optimized to power the core rails for FPGAs, ASICs, and SoCs with current ranges between 40 A to 200+ A. These devices were designed specifically to meet challenging power requirements including compliance with the Intel SmartVID energy saving feature found in Intel® Stratix® 10 and Agilex™ FPGAs. Design is simplified with proven schematic, layout, and behavioral models.

The multi-phase controller is scalable and features a nonlinear state machine based digital loop architecture that requires fewer capacitors than similar solutions, which reduces BOM cost and board footprint. The power stage features a monolithic die with low thermal impedances from junction to case top and case bottom for cooler device operation, which enhances reliability. The solution provides advanced telemetry for fast debug and in-field health monitoring.

What attendees will learn:

  • Product overview including device parameters
  • Key benefits and value propositions
  • Design support resources