Overview – Integrated low-power RF devices for Sub-1GHz communications have been around since one decade or so. The continuous improvement of design and technology has led to a highly competitive market with multiple vendors involved. Based on its very successful CC1101 family, TI has now achieved the next level in terms of RF performance and differentiated features by introducing the industry’s highest performing Sub-1GHz parts – the CC1120 family. In this webinar, TI’s Milen Stefanov will talk about the CC1120 features and how these fit into the applications like smart metering and home automation.

Ideas, that will be explored, include:


  • What is RF Performance and why is it so important?
  • Sensitivity, output power, selectivity and blocking in a practical application using CC1120 Performance line.
  • Smart metering markets


Milen Stefanov is a System Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments, Smart Grid BU, and earned his M.SC.E.E. in data communication technologies from the University of Chemnitz (TUC), Germany. After graduating, he spent 5 years as a research assistant designing ATM products (both HW and SW). In his 12 years in the semiconductor industry, Milen Stefanov has gained extensive experience in digital communications, WLAN technology and wireless systems applications. As a WLAN expert, he has been previously supporting major European OEMs in designing consumer WLAN products with TI technology. Now he is focusing on defining Wireless Metering solutions for the European smart grid market and is driving TI’s efforts on WMBus solutions.