Transporting medicine from the pharmaceutical factory to pharmacies is a $78.8 billion industry, globally. Traditionally, only the cold-chain (refrigerated) portion of the total biopharma/supply chain was monitored for temperature and humidity. However, with the introduction of biologic-based drugs, expansion of the international drug trade, and new regulations requiring stricter oversight of drugs during transportation, both the cold-chain portion and the non-cold-chain (ambient) $66.2 billion part of that supply chain will have to be monitored closely in the future. Effective tracking and environmental regulation systems can be implemented using the electronic technology that enables the IoT. The webinar discusses the mandates, opportunities, and solutions for In-Transit Medication Management.


Dev Mandya, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Renesas Electronics America

Dev Mandya is a Sr.Product Marketing Manager with the Healthcare Segment Marketing team at Renesas Electronics America. Dev holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.