Serial NAND, first in the world running at 166MHz, well-suited for center-display and Cluster segments in new Highly Automated Vehicles-HAVs. Auto-applications requiring instant-boot and highest throughput. W25N01JW is targeting continuous READ at 166MHz which will achieve 83MB/sec throughput. This can be doubled by having Dual-Quad Serial NAND in small package. Built-in 1-bit ECC part. The part is Automotive Grade 2 (AG2) ready and WSON-8 pin, 24-Balls BGA same as Serial-NOR packages.


Syed Hussain, Director of Segment Marketing, Winbond

Director Segment Marketing at Winbond Electronics, Syed is responsible for the Industrial, IoT and automotive segments. He has helped the company achieve its current top position in Serial-NOR flash and has been heavily involved with top-tier OEMs and chipset customers. He has experience in market awareness, product/company positioning, developing OEM/ODM designs, and management. He resides in Silicon Valley.