At 45nm and below, design constraints have become a complex, interdependent, multi-dimensional set of variables which have lead to an explosion in rule deck size and complexity. Pattern matching is a radical new way to simplify design rule checks and improve productivity by allowing designers to specify design rules graphically. Mentor has partnered with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to bring you the latest DRC+ flow which combines their most advanced foundry models and process data with Calibre’s signoff and DFM capabilities, including pattern matching. This new flow improves the communication between designers and foundry personnel by moving from a text-based representation of yield-detracting geometries to a pattern-based one. Presentation will include case studies and demos using DRC+ flows. 

What you will Learn 

  • How DRC+ flow can improve designer productivity and get designs to market faster
  • How pattern matching simplifies DRC checks

Who Should View 

Designers, Design Managers and Sr. Management who use or are considering GLOBALFOUNDRIES as their foundry

Products covered:

Calibre nmDRC, Calibre Pattern Matching, DesignREV, RVE 


Vito Dai is a MTS Process Engineer for DFM CAD in GLOBALFOUNDRIES, where he leads the DRC+ project team. He was one of the co-inventors of the patented DRC+ technology, which revolutionized physical verification using 2D pattern matching. He entered the field of DFM and OPC when he joined AMD in 2005, and he later joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES when it was founded in 2009 from AMD’s foundry business. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at University of California in Berkeley in 2008, his M.S. in electrical engineering at U.C. Berkeley in 2000, and his B.S. in electrical engineering at California Institute of Technology in 1998. He has a diverse background in physical design, lithography, data compression, computer architecture and programming. 

Michael White, Mentor Graphics

As a manager within the Physical Verification product line, Michael White understands what customers need to succeed and how to create a product roadmap to solve those challenges. He works closely with small and large semiconductor companies around the world to understand their challenges and ensure that Calibre will meet their needs, and yours, for years to come.