As development teams grow and become distributed around the world, it can be hard to ensure that all team members are using, or even aware of, the well tried and trusted methodologies that have been developed within a company or within the industry as a whole. This is where standardized flows can help and can guide the usage of tools to obtain the best possible results based on the experience of the flow developer, methodology creators such as IP vendors and foundries and the internal company knowledge that adds domain specific expertise or custom tools.

In this fundamentals course, we will examine the reasons why standardized flows make sense and the benefits that you can expect to get from adopting one as the foundation within your company. We will show how a flow can be used to increase team efficiency and effectiveness and modified to add unique capabilities. This will be demonstrated using Lynx, an infrastructure that allows the development and implementation of a flow based on the Synopsys tool suite that is fully customizable to the needs of every development team.