Have you ever wondered what is going on inside a USB cable?  – Then this course is for you.  The Fundamentals of USB course covers USB in great detail from the history of connected devices which brought about the need for USB through USB certification testing.  We’ll cover physical characteristics of the cable and connector along with the electrical characteristics of signaling and power provisioning in USB.  The host centric topology that keeps the complexity in the host which allows for simpler and therefore less costly devices to be manufactured. Then we will delve into the process of enumeration, where the host learns what the device is, and decides if it can talk to it. We then cover USB class drivers, which are host drivers for classes of like-minded devices that preclude the need manufacturers to provide host drivers. Testing USB devices is a part of the USB specification and therefore covered in this course in order to make sure your device will interoperate on the USB bus as well as be ready for USB certification.  Finally, we’ll look at some examples of USB implementations in action.