“There are two types of designers: Those that have signal-integrity problems.. and those that will.” (Sun Microsystems). Odds are, if you’re a designer, you fall into one of these categories, so this is the course for you!

Over the span of 45 minutes to 1 hour, test experts Steve Mulawski and John Ziegler of octoScope will provide a thorough understanding of what signal integrity is all about, from a basic definition to signal-integrity test and how to interpret and make proper use of an ‘eye diagram’ and today’s test equipment to bring your design to a successful, trouble-free conclusion.

Along the way, through diagrams, photographs and video demonstrations, you’ll be introduced bandwidth/amplitude accuracy, harmonics, edge-speed considerations, lumped-element circuits, impedance, transmission-line discontinuities, lossy lines, inter-symbol interference, jitter and the implications of oscilloscope bandwidth when making measurements.