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While multicore architectures have been with us in various forms for many years, the recent upsurge in their application has highlighted the fact that designers need to learn some new ground rules and pay particular attention in order to program them efficiently and effectively.

To help with that, viewers of this course will exposed to the multitude of multicore technologies and will be introduced to symmetrical and asymmetrical processing and hypervisors, topics that represent the mainstream of multicore programming.

From there, the course will go over some parallel development techniques and show how to apply block-level design to model parallelism for your application design using a communications applications programming interface (API) for demonstration purposes. It will conclude with a few key pointers for multicore debugging.

Along the way, the course will help viewers understand the common multicore issues that may be encountered, as it’s a lot easier to try to prevent these issues from occurring than trying to debug them later when they surface in mysterious ways.