This fundamentals course covers an unusually wide range of topics beginning with the gigawatts required to power the Cloud and concluding with the need to develop more energy-efficient transistors. Just as the Cloud can be viewed as a torrent of bits, so the most elegant solution to its growing energy appetite is to make the switching of electrons significantly more energy efficient. In between, we look at representative energy efficiency technologies and their Cloud-related applications. The core content of this course includes:
• Impact of the Internet of things on Cloud energy consumption
• Cloud vs. Laptop shootout – Rating energy efficiency
• Harnessing mobile data growth – and its power demands
• Web server efficiency
• Leading-edge DC-DC conversion technology
• CMOS hitting an energy wall – Impact on the Cloud
While most fundamentals courses are informational this one also has a theme – and it presents a challenge: Harnessing Cloud energy consumption is every design engineer’s concern.

Jack Shandle, Technology Editor
Jack Shandle is a freelance technology journalist who has logged more than 25 years of writing and editing articles, white papers and Web content on design-related topics. He has managed several design publications – both print and on the Web – and has served as technical program chairman for trade shows and conferences.