Touch control is replacing physical buttons, sliders, and wheels as the means for a human-machine interface (HMI). Some advantages to touch screen control is that it is both and input and output (saving separate keyboard and mouse for computer applications) and it has no moving parts making it less susceptible to mechanical stress and dust.

This course provides an introduction to capacitive touch technology, including theory and the use of a touch control evaluation kit. Content includes:

  • What is capacitive touch control?
  • History of the technology and applications
  • The basics of a capacitor
  • Current capacitive touch technologies
  • Control interface
  • Physical design
  • Screen materials
  • Evaluation kit demonstration

  • About the Presenter:
    Steven Keeping, Technology Analyst
    Steven Keeping is a qualified engineer who worked in the electronics divisions of Eurotherm and then BOC for seven years before joining Electronic Production magazine in 1993. Steven then spent 13 years in senior editorial and publishing roles on electronics manufacturing and design titles for Trinity Mirror, CMP and RBI in the U.K. and Australia. In 2006, Steven became a freelance journalist specializing in electronics. He is based in Sydney.