Automotive lighting is a fast-moving field in the industry not known for rapid change. Today an automotive lighting system can include everything from microcontrollers and serial communication devices to stepper motors, cameras and lasers – a far cry from a simple light bulb, battery and switch, which held sway for over fifty years.

In this fundamentals course, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the field – where it’s been, the current state of the art, and where it’s going. The topics you’ll learn about include:

  • History of automotive lighting – Applicable regulations and standards
  • Fundamental concepts & definitions
  • Current lighting technologies
  • Emerging technologies and applications

You’ll also take a detailed look at LED lighting, covering the physics of LED devices, packaging & thermal management, failure modes, and common drive circuits. Finally, you’ll see how it all comes together in a discussion of typical vehicle system architectures.

Presenter: Paul Pickering

Paul Pickering has over 35 years’ marketing and engineering experience in the electronics industry, including time spent in automotive electronics, precision analog, power semiconductors, flight simulation and robotics. Originally from the North-East of England, he has lived and worked in Europe, the US and Japan. He has hands-on experience in both digital and analog circuit design, embedded software, and Web technologies such as HTML, PHP, jQuery, and mySQL.