Software development organizations are using
open source software at an unprecedented scale to build better software faster.
Yet while the adoption of open source races ahead, the establishment of policies
to govern its use lag far behind. According to Gartner Group, only a minority of
IT organizations have established, open-source governance policies in place, and
it predicts that by 2014, 50% of Global 2000 organizations will experience
technology, cost and security challenges through lack of open-source governance.

In this Webinar, Greg Olson, Senior Strategy Consultant with Olliance Group,
a Black Duck company, will explain:

  • The four steps to create an open source policy
  • How to obtain ‘buy-in’ and support from key stakeholders
  • Best practices for rolling out an open source policy in your organization

Join one of the industry’s leading experts for invaluable practical advice
that is not readily available.

Greg Olson, Senior Strategy
Consultant, Olliance Group, a Black Duck company

Greg Olson is a
Senior Strategy Consultant with Olliance Group, a Black Duck company and the
leading independent open source business and strategy consulting firm. Greg has
extensive business, technical, legal, and operational experience in open source
technology and has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 Clients on open source