This presentation highlights the EDGE Development Suite bundle with ARM compiler – a one stop solution for embedded application developers for the tools to get the product to market fast.

Today’s ARM Compiler is the result of 20 years of development and is recognized as the industry standard C and C++ compiler for building applications targeting the ARM, Thumb, Thumb-2, VFP and NEON instruction sets.

EDGE development suite is a complete end to end development environment which consists of simulation and prototyping environment, build and project managements system, compilers debugger, and profiler. The ARM compilers that are packaged with the EDGE development suite provides you with the best tools solution for all stages of embedded application development. The ARM compilers are developed together with the ARM processor IP, they offer unique benefits when compared to other tools providers.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the key features and benefits of ARM RealView compilers and EDGE Developer Suite
  • How EDGE Developer Suite with ARM RealView compilers can accelerate you embedded application development
  • How to manage your tools investment easier through common adoption of Eclipse and EDGE across your organization
  • Learn how EDGE Developer suite can help you visualize complex configurations, debugging and testing of your embedded application

Who Should View

  • Programmers (ARM specifically)
  • Engineering managers
  • Embedded Application developers who develop on ARM SOCs
  • Technical marketing managers

Jit Sivalogan

Jit Sivalogan is a software engineer and product marketing manager for the Embedded Systems Division at Mentor Graphics. Mr. Sivalogan has over 14 years of experience in the electronics industry with the last 10 years at Mentor Graphics. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering.