In the mobile, portable, and wearable markets, board space is always at a premium. Designers are constantly being asked to add functionality while using less PCB area and lowering overall cost. Surface-mount packages, with their small footprints and low profiles, can seem like a good choice for tight spaces – but how durable are they? Can something that small really hold up? Join this webinar and find out how engineers can save space and improve mechanical performance by moving their logic solutions from leaded to leadless logic packages. Our presenters Thomas Wolf and Daniel Jensen will touch upon some distinct advantages associated with using leadless logic packages.


Thomas Wolf
Senior Product Applications Engineer
BL Logic, NXP Semiconductors

Tom Wolf is a Senior Product Application Engineer for Logic Devices at NXP Semiconductor. His design and application experience extends to a wide array of systems including server/workstation design, optoelectronics, battery and energy systems and embedded controllers.