TI’s Industrial Automation demo showcases a full solution including Human Machine Interface (HMI), Logic Controller, Industrial Fieldbus and Motion Control. A Sitara AM3517 processor is used as a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) device with an HMI front-end. Getting commands serially from the PLC, TI s Piccolo F28035 is independently controlling two brushless DC motors using a sensorless FOC technique and can also control a digital front-end power factor correction (PFC) stage. The PLC communicates through 10/100 Ethernet to the Stellaris ARM Cortex -M3 LM3S8971 which is controlling a brushless DC motor in sinusoidal mode. The Stellaris EVM is also connected to the SN65HVS882, an Octal Digital Input serializer, to report the current position of one emergency switch and three motor position switches via Stellaris back to the PLC.