An educational webinar for ALL the key players in the telecom equipment value chain:

  • Service providers, learn how to craft creative equipment licensing and lifecycle management approaches with your vendors to cut costs and improve your competitive position
  • Equipment vendors, understand what your carrier customers need from you when it comes to equipment licensing and pricing approaches – and how to turn that learning into new business and competitive advantage

To compete and win in today’s highly competitive telecommunications and networking equipment market – speed to market and product differentiation move to the top of the list of business imperatives. The ability to unlock new revenue streams, protect intellectual property and implement configure-to-order manufacturing processes that dramatically reduce inventory while enabling greater responsiveness to changing market conditions is critical to continued success.

As a result, telecommunication and networking equipment providers are looking for ways to streamline license management, protect maintenance revenues, implement new revenue models quickly, and establish direct relationships with customers through multiple tiers of distribution, while efficiently managing activations, returns, upgrades/downgrades and firmware/software updates.

During this webinar you will learn how telecommunication and networking equipment providers are using software licensing, device lifecycle and entitlement management to overcome these challenges and are now able to:

  • Differentiate devices and equipment by offering capacity- and capability-based licensing
  • Improve and unify customer experience by streamlining back office systems and processes across product lines
  • Re-balance capacity across devices and locations
  • Provide easy device trials
  • Offer and enable make-to-stock channel processes