From consumer & white goods to industrial & medical, the UI has become a key factor in the success of a product. This joint Webinar from Mentor Graphics and Freescale takes a look at the trends in devices with UIs and makes some predictions on what will be tomorrow’s requirements for these devices. It looks at the challenges facing developers in implementing these products as user demands increase and outlines some solutions to assist embedded developers in meeting these demands.

In this Complimentary Web Seminar you will learn:

  • Current trends & a prediction of future trends in products with UIs
  • What product manufacturers need to do to make their product UIs stand out from the crowd
  • The challenges developers face in developing UIs for their products (whether on Android, Linux or an RTOS)
  • How Mentor Graphics and Freescale have got together to offer the sophisticated Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI tool and embedded engine to Freescale customers, allowing them to create rich graphical UIs on select Freescale i.MX processors
  • How the Inflexion UI product is provided free of charge to Freescale customers on select i.MX processors