Technology suppliers have embraced the green movement, taking great strides to develop lower power, highly efficient base station products. However, there is an opportunity for green thinking that reaches far beyond power consumption. In this webinar, TI’s Arnon Friedmann will describe the “cradle to cradle” concept that includes the use of recycling and upcycling to generate a rebirth of new products and never ending product cycle. To embrace this notion, silicon vendors, base station manufacturers and service providers must take a holistic view of the industry to further strengthen its overall ecological impact.

Ideas Friedmann will explore include:

  • Greening beyond the board and power supply chain
  • Operational impact of a base station’s life cycle
  • Cultural changes to become a true green manufacturer
  • Key questions that companies must ask of customers and suppliers

Arnon Friedmann

Arnon Friedmann, Ph.D. is strategic and technical marketing director at Texas Instruments. He drives the company’s efforts in 4G technology, including 3G LTE and 802.16m (WiMAX). His efforts have enabled TI to maintain leadership positions in evolving OFDMA applications. In his 12 years in the industry, Dr. Friedmann has gained extensive experience in digital communications research and the development for magnetic storage, DSL and wireless systems applications. Dr. Friedmann earned a Ph.D. in communications theory and systems and a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from the University of California San Diego (UCSD).