This web seminar will address the latest Calibre solutions for advanced verification:

eqDRC – Solutions for Advanced Layout Checking

With the addition of Equation Based DRC (eqDRC), Calibre nmDRC now offers a new approach to defining and implementing complex DRC checks. In addition to simplifying existing checks and enabling checks that could not otherwise be done, Calibre eqDRC provides a generalized modeling environment.

gridDRC – Solutions for Restrictive Design Rules

To ensure the manufacturability and performance of chips at 22 nm, many foundries are implementing restrictive design rules (RDR)—limiting the type and placement of features used in designs. Extensive use of pitch and complex grid constructs introduce new physical verification challenges for this type of methodology.

PERC – Solutions for Advanced ERC, ESD, and Multi Power Domain Checking

ESD, advanced ERC, and multiple power domains are top issues on a long list of complex new geometrical and electrical verification requirements. Calibre PERC was developed to address these reliability challenges that arise during the circuit and electrical verification process.

What You Will Learn:

  • How eqDRC enables simple specification of difficult checks, providing greater accuracy and design area reduction
  • How eqDRC can improve yield and reliability issues by accurately modeling complex failure mechanisms
  • New methods for implementing Restrictive Design Rule checks How to resolve the debug challenges associated with advanced equation based and restrictive design rules
  • How Calibre PERC combines the schematic level topology recognition with geometric checks to enable customized ERC checks including ESD and multiple power domains