LabVIEW monitors Subsea 1,200 km Pipeline from Norway to United Kingdom.

Bjrge AS teamed up with Schmid Engineering to deploy a pipeline monitoring system using LabVIEW and Analog Devices Blackfin processors to monitor the 1,200 km Langeled pipeline from the Ormen Lange off the coast of Norway to the east cost of the United Kingdom. The Langeled pipeline traverses the Storegga rock slide, one of the longest rock slides to exist on a continental shelf. Bjrge AS, a firm specializing in intelligent underwater instrumentation and condition monitoring developed a long-term monitoring system, based on Naxys technology, for installation at the Ormen Lange. The monitoring system must survive extreme subsea conditions, including strong underwater currents, temperatures as low as -1°C, and pressure ratings up to 150 bar.

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