Li-ion is a keystone technology for mobile markets, yet many engineers have no idea how Li-ion actually works, or how different chemistries benefit different applications?

This series of classes uniquely unveils many mysteries of Li-ion like; aging mechanisms and cycle count, trade-offs for charging and time to charge, trade-offs for fuel gauging vs. battery life, internal impedance, protection, Relative vs. Scientific State of Charge, and many other Li-ion topics, in easy to understand comprehensive lectures. This is not a class of meandering formulas and eclectic academic suppositions. This series of lectures offers a unique blend of scientific theory and real world, hands on experience, yielding a rewarding and accessible compliment to any electrical engineer’s knowledge toolbox

Attendees will learn about ON Semiconductor’s Battery Management Systems Solutions and Products, including:

  • Li-Ion Battery Crash Course
  • Li-Ion Battery Safety
  • Linear vs Switching Chargers
  • USB Type-C PD