LSI had a large and growing number of test cases for testing different variants of chipsets, features and platforms. QA was unable to handle the scale of testing needed for a release. An automation solution was devised around Electric Commander to allow test case selection based on multiple user-selected criteria and then execute those set of test cases manually or on a schedule. Results of those test cases were automatically emailed to users. This presentation describes improvements the automated system brought to the LSI team.

Manish Aggarwal, Principal Engineer, Software, LSI
Manish Aggarwal is a Principal Software Engineer at LSI based out of Austin, TX. He works in the Networking Semiconductors group, which offers networking solutions for datacenters and mobile networks. His group includes not only advanced, asymmetric multicore communications processors, but also a growing family of powerful, innovative network and media accelerators. Manish has more than 15 years of software design/development and execution experience in telecom and networking domain.He believes that quality products lead to happy customers, and happy customers keep companies in business.