In this webinar, Industry experts Hedley Apperly of PTC and Fran Thom, Head of the Software Centre of Excellence (SCoE) at Rolls-Royce share how Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) can improve engineering efficiency and provide higher quality, safer and more reliable systems. The demonstration shows the principles of an MBSE approach, and how standards-based SysML models can improve stakeholder collaboration and address complexity across a typical engineering lifecycle that spans everything from requirements and design to systems validation and verification, condition monitoring and maintenance.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

    • Better understand the principles of MBSE and a standards-based SysML approach
    • Hear how Rolls-Royce deployed MBSE: their program objectives, challenges, and results
    • Learn how industry leaders are driving additional efficiencies through holistic product line engineering and modular design

Who should attend?

Systems engineers, requirements analysts, project and product owners responsible for design and delivery of large, complex products.


Fran Thom, Head of the Software Centre of Excellence (SCoE), Rolls-Royce

Fran has over 20 years of expertise in enterprise, systems and software architecture development, deployment and utilization. He is accountable for the Software Engineering capabilities across all divisions of Rolls-Royce. He is also the Systems Modelling Expert and is leading the introduction of MBSE within Rolls-Royce.

Hedley Apperly, VP Solution Management, PTC

Hedley has more than 20 years of industry experience in Systems Engineering and IT, with a concentration in design and development of relational, object-oriented and component-based systems.