This webinar discusses recent improvements to Android semiconductor architectures, new devices beyond the smartphone, what has become mainstream, and they key challenges developers continue face when building the next generation of Android-based devices.

What You Will Learn

  • Key characteristics of Android and how these factors impact non-phone devices
  • What has changed for the better and the key challenges that still remain 
  • How Mentor continues to play a key role in successful design and implementation

Who Should View

  • Embedded developers building or planning to develop Android-based devices
  • Technical managers looking to better understand the challenges and rewards of using Android in their products

About the Presenters
Matthew Locke, Technical Director, Mentor Embedded
Matt has been instrumental in taking Android to the next generation of intelligent devices. He was COO of Embedded Alley prior to its acquisition by Mentor Graphics. Matt brings more than 14 years experience in technology and business leadership from companies such as MontaVista Software and Lockheed Martin. Matt has held the CTO positions at several startups including NomadGS and Suunnata, and served as Product Architect for the highly successful MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition. Matt is based in San Jose, California
Vlad Buzov, Senior Architect, Mentor Embedded
Vlad has more than six years experience in Embedded Linux programming. His expertise includes porting, customizing, and optimizing existent products and developing custom solutions based on open source components for Mentor Embedded customers. Prior to joining Mentor, Vlad served as Senior Engineer at Embedded Alley and MontaVista Software. Originally from Russia, Vlad is now based in San Jose, California.